getting creative

Today is a bad day for blogging, the site keeps drifting in and out like a fiddlers elbow. In my part of the world the is no broadband, only satellite, which I can’t afford, and dial-up. Dial-up is a huge time waster and frustrating as nettle-rash.

I decided to get creative today and play with some polymer clay. My husband had returned some clay I loaned him for a war modelling landscape he was making. It’s a different make to the one I use now, and I forgot to re-read the instructions for baking. I use an automatic pizza oven to cook my polymer clay. Well it was set too high and for too long and I returned to find the room full of acrid smoke and very charcoaled beads that I had made.

On that note, I went into the garden and dug up some potatoes instead.