Daily Prompt: Cheat

via Daily Prompt: CheatTo ‘act in a dishonest way to gain advantage or profit’There are many  ways people cheat. I came upon one myself today that left me feeling ripped off..

I have been watching an online  site which operates ‘unreserved’ auctions of just about anything, in this case I was looking for a station wagon (car) and found one that I thought I could possibly afford to buy. I placed my bid above the current offer only to be told that someone already had a reserve bid on the same vehicle, but I wasn’t allowed to know how much it was. In  my book this is cheating, since this person doesn’t have to be upfront in the amount he is willing to pay to win the bid.

Daily Prompt: Expert

via Daily Prompt: ExpertAn expert is exactly what I am not, in fact I’m an expert in not being an expert at anything. The saying “Jill of all trades and master of none” fits me to a tee. About the only thing I’ve ever been any good at, is picking the absolutely wrong man to hook myself up to! I’ve tried more different pursuits in my lifetime with only moderate success than I have room to list here without putting everyone to sleep.