A Few Words from the Coast.

Peter and I have been married for over seventeen years, and in that time we have moved at least ten times. Sounds crazy I know, but some times , for whatever reasons, we have only stayed a few months. Twice we lived in houses that ran out of water. This happens often in parts of Australia, and we have been in drought for over ten years in many inland towns.

As a result of the drought, this year the bushfires have started early, and several small towns have been virtually wiped out, while our wildlife has taken a massive hit. Our \worst summer months have yet to come, when temperatures will rise above 40c.

Our latest move is a neat little 2 bedroom house on the east coast of New South Wales. We are surrounded by National Forest, with lots of native birds, rainbow lorikeets, crimson rosellas, kookaburras, and just this morning I saw a black cockatoo, which are less common in this area. Of course there are plenty of kangaroos too.

There are many lovely seaside towns on the south coast. While Queensland seems to be the most popular destination for many tourists, it is very commercialised, while the south coast offers something for everyone from all walks of life.

It’s a beautiful day here, today, and I’m so glad I was born in Australia at his time in history. There have been bad times, and there will be more to come I have no doubt. We aren’t perfect, but I love the ‘old aussie ways’, when you looked after your mate, and families stuck together. It’s slipping through our fingers as we become more worldly, losing our selves in the crowd.