An Introduction to The Buy Nothing Project

I would love to join the Buy Nothing Project, but why can I only do so by joining a social media website?

This practice of holding a person to ransom by asking for particular details, is unnecessary, and time consuming. It is done for the sole purpose of grabbing personal information to use down the line in unwanted emails or farm off to other sites.

Fresh Bait….

Maybe, but it’s the same old line.

Email alert! there’s a flash sale, and if I make haste to the checkout and confirm payment, quoting the code number, I will then (and only then) be given the discount price,

I already know from bitter experience, that the discount price will still be out of reach.

Back to Basics.

I haven’t been slacking off, just trying to set up a website and upgrade my wordpress account.

I’m sorry to say that I feel emotionally drained and poverty stricken, since there is no avenue that doesn’t have dollar signs at the end of it.

Computer language is another problem I have, which I will never be able to stay abreast of, since it seems to expand daily. So many abbreviations I’m starting to think there will be no whole words left, and passwords. who remembers passwords without writing them down.

We have been led to believe that computers will save us time and money. In my case, if my time was money, I would be very handsomely paid, since I have spent literally hours over the last few days, trying to find a webhosting plan that I could pay by the month, since this is the only way I will ever get one.

Why is it that so many website builders and/orhosts lead you down the garden path telling you it will be roses all the way, when they could tell you the nitty gritty right from the getgo, and you would know, without further ado, that the price was too high?

There’s no reason why we couldn’t have an automated monthly payment made from a bank to a website company. And why 3 years in advance? That certainly keeps out the small player. Or is that the plan?

A Short Exchange.

He walks towards her, arms outstretched

She steps in, a perfect fit, her shoulders under his armpits

“Luv ya” he says

“Luv ya too” she answers

“How much? he asks

“Depends” she says

“On what?”

“On the whether”

“Whether or not?”

“Yeah” she laughs

For Better or Worse?

When I started blogging again after having what I’ll say was writers block, I was surprised to find that changes had been made. These changes are designed to make wordpress ‘ better.’

That word ‘better’ scares me because I know that it means I will have to learn a whole lot more ‘stuff’. I am not alone with my fears, there is a whole army of us who struggle with the new technologies, and we aren’t all over the age of retirement.

I am of the firm belief ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

I don’t begrudge the ‘tech heads’ their toys, or their complicated programs, that to them are as easy as falling off a log, but please try and have a thought for those of us who have been thrown in at the deep end, by being literally pressured to join the ‘technical age’.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel there is a place for people like me, who want to be able to express themselves through the written word in the company of like minded fellow writers. Once complications are introduced they have the effect of drying up the artistic juices.

Couldn’t the New WordPress be a separate entity for the hyper-intelligent among us, and let the rest of us revert to the old ways in our comfortable ignorance.

Just a Word….

On behalf of our working class Australians.

Criticism abounds as to why so many home owners don’t have home insurance.

The minimum working wage in Australia for 2020, is projected to be $780.00 per week. For single age pensioners it’s not much more than that a fortnight.One post suggested that many people would rather buy a new Iphone than insurance. On that note, I say, it is nearly impossible to live in the 21st century without some kind of internet device. Think about it.

Let’s count all the different types of insurance a working man or woman really needs.

Firstly, there’s life insurance, a must to protect the family in case of premature death.After that, it’s a case of priority. House, contents, health, car(s) pets(?) the list goes on.

Recently, I rang an insurance company for a quote to cover a market stall for one day’ It was $100 for three months, nothing less. The items I sell are handmade and priced at a bare minimum profit and I would be lucky to cover the insurance cost, even in 3 months.

.This fire season is unprecedented. Even the warnings couldn’t have predicted the devastation ,and the end is not in sight. My guess is, that some insurance companies will be unable to meet the cost of the high number of claims.

Time Out.

We have dodged another bullet here where we live south of Nowra, but there is still more damage elsewhere. The list goes on……….

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, seems to have awoken from his trance. The one he was in when he abandoned ship and went on holidays to Hawaii.

There he is, on Sky News, composure regained and bumping his gums in support of all the blunders that have been made, up to date. I mute the sound and watch his expressions. He’s all fired up and in defence mode.

His eyes are blank. The words from the press are met with rehearsed jargon, The questions are obvious, they’re what everyone in the country, and elsewhere, want answered. He even manages to promote the Liberals when possible.

And, guess who else is back in town! The Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Mr David Elliott another of our wayward leaders out of touch with their responsibilities in crisis situations affecting Australian citizens lives and properties. Did Gladys give him permission to leave?

This bush fire season in Australia, will go down in history for more reasons than broken records. It will go down as the season, when those who are responsible for our safekeeping, looked outside our country, and beyond our shores, seeking their own fulfillment and pleasure, even to the point of reluctance to return when called.

God save Australia.

A Waiting Game.

It’s Saturday, and so far there are no new bushfires in our area, but others continue to burn. Another heatwave is forecast over the next few days and strong winds persist.

Christmas day passed very quietly. It’s almost as it we are afraid to let our guards down.

Most of our relatives are scattered around the country and anyone close enough to visit,has been unable to get past the fires. Nevertheless, we have had dozens of wonderful visitors of the native kind. Our christmas carols were provided by the beautiful songs of butcher birds, followed by a family of kookaburras, who stopped by to feed their baby on our back porch. They all laughed so loud that it made us join in.

A kangaroo stopped by for a slice of bread or two, half a dozen cockatoos helped themselves to the seed we provide, a couple of galahs (not counting us) and the usual parade of different coloured parrots that we see on a daily basis.

My heart goes out to all those people in the world, not just here in Australia, for whom Christmas has been anything but happy. May the beginning of the new decade, 2020, restore a sense of sanity to the rulers of our world.

The Watchers.

January 4th, 2020.

Another day of extreme fire danger in Australia. The weather forecast is for another day ‘as bad as’ or ‘worse than’ Christmas Day.

It’s hard to imagine how that could be.

And so we wait. And watch, with nervous anticipation.

Missing Person.

I spent a good part of this afternoon, while keeping an eye on the news, looking for ‘Scomo’, or as I call him ‘Scooter’ for the speed at which he is able to disappear.

He was nowhere to be seen, although Anthony Albanses (or Albo), took the golden opportunity of doing his bit for the Labor Cause, without any competition. Albo has been ‘everywhere man’, in every fire-ravaged area, thanking the firies, talking to people affected by the devastation, seeing for himself the overwhelming disaster created by this catastrophic event.

Then, guess who popped up on the evening news, just when I thought he must have gone back to Hawaii. It was our FEARLESS LEADER!!!

Yes, there he was, all smiles, and posing for a ‘happy snap’ with a bunch of cricketers. We can see that he is taking his own advice, about ‘not panicking’ in the face of the fire situation.

So, at last, we have help from the Australian Defence Forces. About time, in fact, late, late, late.

There are over 82,000 acting personnel in the ADF, including active reservists. (wikipedea) and no, they are not specialists in fighting bush fires, but, we are just beginning to see how many areas they could be of vital assistence to our trained firies on the ground.(God Bless Them)