Conspiracy Theories.

Like most other people in the world, I’ve been following the news, fake, or otherwise. about covid19. It would be helpful if we knew the truth, tho I doubt we ever will. However, if it was to rid the world of an aging population, there are a couple of questions I would like to put to the ‘powers that be.’

Firstly, what do they propose to do with all the people who will be out of a job if all the age facilities close down. Almost a quarter of a million are employed by the industry and who could guess have many are indirectly connected to it.

Secondly, who will care for the children of all the working mothers who rely on grandparents to fulfill this roll, since private childminding is too expensive.

Then there are the hundreds, even thousands, of retirees, who become volunteers for charity organisation. Without these, many of those charities could not exist.

How poor would we be, if we lost the combined expertise, experience, and memories  of our senior citizens?



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