Dave came through the kitchen door, dragging grass clippings across the tiled floor ‘You know the kids start their school holidays tomorrow?’

‘Of course I do. they’ve been asking me every day if they are going to grandmas’, Megan turned from washing dishes and saw the mess Dave was making. ‘How many times do I have to tell you to take your shoes off before you come in the back door?’

‘Sorry Meg, I’ll sweep it up in a minute, I need a drink, it’s hot outside’, she reaches into the fridge. brings out a bottle of water and hands it to him.

‘So what’s the plan?.’ Dave takes a swig from the water bottle.

‘I’m open to suggestion,’ Meg takes a seat on a nearby kitchen chair.

‘I’ve saved a few dollars over the last month or two and I thought we might take them to Disneyland first, before we go to mums.’ he finished his drink and placed the bottle in the nearby bin.

‘Great idea, they’ll be over the moon when you tell them.’ she couldn’t hide her own excitement at the prospect.

‘OK, well, I’ll just clean up this floor, and get back to work.’
















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