Prompt Day 5 Dish.

Outside Aunty Mae’s Antique Shop, there were a few people waiting for the 10.20am bus to Bordertown.

Amy stood at the back of the queue gazing at the display in the shop window.

Pretty things of yesterday, useful things, tools and treasures, dusted off and placed to attract a buyer into the store. Once there, Aunty Mae, a petite little lady, looking very much like the antiques around her, would welcome you with a big smile.

With a little time to spare, Amy stepped inside the shop to inspect some of the vintage jewellery.  Although colourful, it  was mostly painted paste and flour, as was the fashion of that time.

One piece, a beautiful emerald ring, caught Amy’s eye. It lay in a dish surrounded by sea shells, and it reminded Amy of mermaids and pirate’s treasures in a mystical under-water world. Such a pretty daydream, but Amy knew she could never afford to own anything so fine, so real.

The sound of the 10.20 bus, as it braked into the kerb, jolted her back to reality. She quickly left the shop to join the morning ride to Bordertown.


  1. Arie de Bruyn · April 13, 2020

    Good. You have the idea. Look at my earlier pieces on my blog and know that the blog will develop and so will the output of your writing. Just keep to it, stick to it. Life gradually gets better, at the moment it may not be financial. But the more developed your work becomes. The better you feel about yourself.


    • wordlywoman2 · April 13, 2020

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. It’s good to know someone is reading. `


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