The Talent Scout.(5 prompts in one)

He was devilishly handsome. and he used it to his own advantage.

Leaning against the wall, close to the entrance of the club, the revolving light above the dance floor illuminated his jet black hair. Colours, red, blue, green, yellow, flashed tantilisingly across his face, and he appeared to be smiling

Several women were milling around on the fringe of the dancing couples, watching  him as he moved towards the bar. and ordered a drink.

“That’s new, he’s not one of the usual talents in town,” a tall, leggy blonde ran her tongue across her lips, making the others titter amongst themselves.

“I’m going over,” the curvy little brunette picked up her purse, and strutted towards the bar, before any of the others could protest.

She pulled out a bar stool, just two away from mister ‘new in town’, and ordered a red wine.

Taking a sip, she raised her glass to the stranger,’Cheers’, and gave him her prettiest smile.

He appeared to be taken by surprise, but quickly regained composure, clinked his glass to hers,’cheers’ he responded.

‘What brings you to Bordertown?’

I’m here on business’

‘Oh, really, what kind of business?’


‘Will you be here long?’

‘As long as it takes’/

‘Well,’ she raises her glass to him ‘here’s to ‘as long as it takes,

She slid off her stool, preparing to rejoin her friends, when he reached out his hand to her ‘Damien, my name is Damien, and you are?’

‘Margaret,’ she replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

‘Let’s dance, Margaret,’ and they joined the other pairs on the dance floor.

The coloured lights flashed around the room below, red, blue, green, yellow, and he appeared to be smiling.

His scent was heady, masculine, but heady. Margaret lost all sense of time as she became intoxicated by the sensory overload. Damien, where had she heard that name? She battled the fog in her head but to no avail.

‘I think I’ll sit this one out, ‘ she whispered in Damien’s ear.

‘Sure, he said ‘Let me buy you a cup of coffee ‘as he steered her gently towards a table in the corner of the room.

‘Thanks, I’ll be OK.

‘Margaret was feeling slightly embarrassed, she wasn’t drunk, she had only taken a few sips of the wine. And, she was more than a little angry with herself. Here she was with this gorgeous guy, his jet black hair and mesmerising green eyes, and she is behaving like a prima donna. Thankfully her friends had moved on, so they wouldn’t be aware of her pathetic ‘wobble’.

Damien returned with the coffee and placed himself in the chair opposite Margaret. “‘What you need is some fresh air, drink your coffee and we’ll take a walk outside.’

‘Oh Oh…’ Margaret thought to herself, ‘ This is where he puts me in a taxi and sends me home, alone!’

They exchanged a little small talk as they drank. Nothing too telling or personal, which made it all the more surprising, when he leaned across the table and  kissed her.”You’re hired Margaret” he whispered.  Then before she could regain her senses, he struck.

The Bite  sank deep into the curve of her throat.

She slumped back against the soft cushions of the chair.

“Yes, Margaret, you will be OK” Damien wiped the blood from is mouth on a paper serviette and slipped it into his jacket pocket.”But, you’ll be very thirsty when you wake up.

The light above the dance floor kept spinning. red…blue…green…yellow….as he left by the emergency door. He appeared to be smiling.



I hope I haven’t broken any rules. There are 5 prompts in the ‘Talent Scout’

light, pairs, below, bite, and curve.































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