still desperate

Another day, another dollar, so the saying goes, but I have been trying all day to earn a dollar, without success. Every way I turn, I’m met by a blank wall, and much of it is because I’m OLD.

Surveys are a joke if you are ‘over the hill’. After I go through filling in the personal details, one lot for every site, as soon as I list my age, I get a message saying that there aren’t any surveys to fit the criteria.

I don’t have any special skills to fall back on. No certificates, no diplomas or proof of attainment. But I have worked at almost every job known to man and kept myself afloat financially, and I know how to do a lot of things, so to be told my opinion is no longer valuable, is insulting.

Desperate Times

I’ve spent hours searching the internet for some way I can boost our fortnightly income. Since we moved house we have gone backwards moneywise. First the 6 weeks rent in advance (4 weeks bond) which I had to take out a load for, then, because we had no furniture, we had to buy a few essentials, like a bed, a kitchen table and chairs, and so on.

Then we have to swap over the services, which means a final electricity bill for the previous property. This means another fortnightly pension is spoken for before we even get it.

So, here I am, it’s almost 1am and I haven’t found a site with any freelance writing jobs that I could apply for. If I say so myself, I am a pretty good writer, and I have written and published my own poetry, although I don’t think anyone every bought a copy. It was on Kindle, and I have never checked. I have a reasonable command of the english language too.


Today is the last day of spring in Aus. You’d hardly know it, we seemed to have jumped straight into summer, with early bushfires in all states. The drought exacerbates the situation, everything is tinder dry. We are left to wonder, when will it rain, or even, will it ever rain enough for the parched earth to recover. Some country towns have run out of water and it is being trucked in. Many farmers have either reduced their stocks or sold them all. It is heartbreaking to watch the backbone of our nation, our farmers, struggling to stay afloat.

Peter has turned on the news. It’s much too loud and derails my train of thought. He is going deaf, but he refuses to acknowledge the fact.

More from the Coast

If you live in Australia, and are dependent on any type of Government pension, you are hard up.

While our politicians, who are sitting on thousands of dollars a year in salaries and enjoying the perks that go with the job, they assure us that we can live on the pittance they hand out, grudgingly.

We have been informed by a previously wellknown finance minister, that there will be no old age pensions in the future for older Australians, that we will be expected to ‘work till we drop’.

Not all Australians have superannuation to fall back on. There are many reasons for this. In particular, the stay-at-home mum or dad, who relies on a partner for financial support, or someone like myself who has had a multitude of part-time jobs where no record of super payments has been kept.

The Newstart Payment which is meant to help people who are looking for work, is barely enough to put food on the table, let alone pay rent on somewhere to live. In Australia, rents are high, a one bedroom flat brings upwards of $200 per week, and demand is high, even in country areas. The waiting list for government housing, as I heard recently on the TV, is 4 years.

There has been a lot of ‘in fighting’ in the Australian Parliament in the last few years. Important decisions have been shelved in favour of personal clashes and backstabbing,(case in point the Rudd/Gillard upset) and the Morrison/Turnbull mess of late.

I would like to see the voting system changed in Australia, to the ‘first past the post’ system, and make voting not compulsory. Perhaps this might make the heads of our country sit up and listen to their voters and get their acts together. I’m sick of my votes going to waste.

On a lighter note. It’s a lovely day here on the coast. The weekend is almost upon us, and soon the Xmas holidays will bring hundreds of tourists to enjoy our beaches, for swimming and fishing.

Thanks for reading. Cheers for now.

A Few Words from the Coast.

Peter and I have been married for over seventeen years, and in that time we have moved at least ten times. Sounds crazy I know, but some times , for whatever reasons, we have only stayed a few months. Twice we lived in houses that ran out of water. This happens often in parts of Australia, and we have been in drought for over ten years in many inland towns.

As a result of the drought, this year the bushfires have started early, and several small towns have been virtually wiped out, while our wildlife has taken a massive hit. Our \worst summer months have yet to come, when temperatures will rise above 40c.

Our latest move is a neat little 2 bedroom house on the east coast of New South Wales. We are surrounded by National Forest, with lots of native birds, rainbow lorikeets, crimson rosellas, kookaburras, and just this morning I saw a black cockatoo, which are less common in this area. Of course there are plenty of kangaroos too.

There are many lovely seaside towns on the south coast. While Queensland seems to be the most popular destination for many tourists, it is very commercialised, while the south coast offers something for everyone from all walks of life.

It’s a beautiful day here, today, and I’m so glad I was born in Australia at his time in history. There have been bad times, and there will be more to come I have no doubt. We aren’t perfect, but I love the ‘old aussie ways’, when you looked after your mate, and families stuck together. It’s slipping through our fingers as we become more worldly, losing our selves in the crowd.

Emotional Scars

My daughter Christine, thinks I have a grudge against her.

She sees herself as number three in my affections. I have five children, and I don’t play favorites. Never have. It just happens that in some phases of life, there may be more of a closeness to one than the others.

I tell her that I don’t have a grudge against her personally, just against an opinion she has about my roll in the break-up of my marraige to her father, and how it affected my whole life.

She says I must put it all behind me and move on. That’s a sound principle in theory, and an easy thing to say, but not easy in practice. You see I believe that by accepting the emotional scars that were inflicted upon me,  I would have to forgive the perpetrators.

I don’t.



Discover Challenge: Animal

As I sit at my computer, my beautiful ferret ‘Pippin’ is asleep on my lap. It’s hard trying to type one-handed but I don’t want to disturb her. She has been unwell with a cold that she caught from me, and which I caught from my husband. It has made her a bit sookie.

She has been so patient with me shoving antibiotics in her mouth, squirting saline nose spray in her nose and rubbing Vicks vapor rub under her nose to help her breathe.

Pippin has a mind of her own, she has the run of the house except at night,when she sleeps in her own house. As soon as she is let out in the morning, she checks to see if there is meat in her bowl, which is in the sitting room. On occasions, when it hasn’t been filled, she will go to the pet fridge, open the door with her paws, and help herself to the meat bowl on the bottom shelf.

I have seven pet ferrets in all. Pip became a house pet when her mother Minny, abandoned her at birth. Minny had eleven babies, which is a lot for a ferret jill. I don’t know why she didn’t like Pip but we took her and bottle fed her ourselves with a tiny little bottle and teat, doll size.

Contrary to the bad rap some people give ferrets, they are the most beautiful animals. Clean, affectionate and playful. The only time I have ever been badly bitten was by one who was in pain, and who subsequently had to be put to sleep. That was my gorgeous ‘Bella’.


The Awakening

The more blogs I read, the more certain I become that I will never be a world shattering writer. There are so many brilliant minds transferring brilliant thoughts from busily tapping fingers to screens of willing readers, like myself. I am a casual poet. It’s not in my makeup to try and force lines on to blank pages, and forcing it would be. My poetry comes out of nowhere at no particular time or place. This can be inconvenient at times, especially when there isn’t a pen in sight, or in the early hours of the morning when sleep evades me. By the time morning comes, the thread is broken, the brilliance faded.

My reading is also spasmodic. Sometimes I read a lot, other times hardly at all. I like to dabble in a few crafts and switch from one to another often on a daily basis. I’m a big fan of Dickens, and Tim Winton, but really it’s whatever takes my fancy at the time.  I would love to read ‘Songs of Fire and Ice’ but that’s a future project because we are looking to move house in  the next few months and there’s too much to think about between now and then.

Does anybody read my posts? I would like to think they do and that they enjoy my words.


The boy gets his driver’s licence the second time around,

He remembers not to tell the testing officer to ‘get fucked’ this time,

He’s been saying those words since he was two and a half years old.,

It just isn’t cute anymore…….