Daily Prompt: Silence

Our trips down memory lane

Are ankle deep in mud.,

Let us keep our silence now

Before this ends in blood.>



You stood in front of the Mercedes,

It was holding up the traffic,

The driver behind leaned on his car’s horn


I waited ’til you moved to the driver’s

side window,

Jamming hard on the accelerator

I sped passed you,

I saw you reflected in the rear view mirror.

I’m sorry.



Beyond the Black Stump

“Stump” the remainder of a tree,etc when the main part has been cut away.

Beyond the black stump is a phrase we use in Aus to describe a place that is a long way off, black refers to one burned out in a bushfire. When I envisage the ‘black stump’ I think of places like the Northern Territory, parts of Western Australia and South Australia, even the Central Western New South Wales.We also have a lizard called a ‘stumpytail’, that’s the common name for a blue tongue lizard.

Websters Dictionary also mentions a ‘stump’-orator, a travelling speaker (as using tree-stumps for platforms).

A Needle in a Haystack

Right now I’m feeling frustrated, having spent the best part of the day trying to find a blogspot where I can chat to older bisexual women. I’m not looking to date someone, I would just like to compare life experiences.

Although there are plenty of sites on the subject of lesbianism and bisexuality, I know enough not to have to go into the basics, like, ‘you’re just someone who never found the right man you could be in a straight relationship with!’ I have been married to five, yes five, different men in my long lifetime, and you can throw in a couple of defacto relationships as well. There must have been at least one worth his salt!

I didn’t know much about homosexuality at all when I was growing up. As a teenager I remember my girlfriend kissing me on the mouth once, and I was so shocked that the moment passed as if I had dreamt it. I became sexually active with a boy at 13 years old and I never liked it, sex was just a way of keeping him coming back. I wanted love desperately as a child, this obsession  has lasted my whole life. I don’t remember being loved by anyone in those formative years

Once, my first husband had a female friend who used to come around and help him when he was working on our car. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because I used to do the same before we had children, but I did feel a pang of jealousy, thinking that she had designs on my husband. He thought that was very amusing, saying that she was more attracted to me than him, so you see I was pretty naive at that point in my life.

It wasn’t until many years later, after my first husband and I divorced, that I became involved with an organisation centered around the gay community, answering the phone on a help-line for suicide prevention. As luck would have it, at first I was unaware that this was an exclusively gay service. I became friends with many of the people who helped man the phones twenty- four hours a day, so much so, that I took up residence in a gay commune with six gay young men.

During this time I became aware of the difficulties involved with living as a gay person, and the discrimination they suffered on a daily basis. I also started to question my own sexuality.

Without writing a whole book on the subject, I can say that this was the happiest I have ever been in my life, and cherish the memories of people and places  as they were then. Unfortunately, nothing remains the same.

I have loved two women, one intensely. Sadly, for reasons too complicated to explain further , although she was a lesbian and responded to me for a while, our relationship didn’t last.

Today, I am married to a man. It’s a marraige of convenience really, for company and financial sharing. We have very little in common, except getting old. It would be wonderful to have a woman to be friends with, who has also known the love of another woman, so far I haven’t been able to find anyone.




Daily Prompt: Melody

While strolling down a country lane

I came upon a maiden fair

She didn’t see me where I stood

So I could watch her, as I dare.

Her cottage door was open wide

As I, a stranger, lingered there,

So I saw clearly, deep inside

To watch her, sitting, in her chair.

A weaving loom she deftly fingered,

As her shuttle crossed the weft,

She hummed a simple melody while

left to right and right to left.

I felt elated by the scene

And as I quietly stole away

I whistled the tune as I walked along

 I still remember it ’til this day.

Daily Prompt: Shiver

via Daily Prompt: Shiver

T’was when I felt his hand in mine

that sent a shiver down my spine

A pleasure surge of the devine

With angels singing

He drew me closer to his chest

Heart beating wildly in my breast

As lips to lips were soon impressed

Til’ we were clinging

A skinny girl and beardless boy

Our innocence would time destroy

But let us not forget the joy

Of one’s first kiss

As noone since has held a flame

Or sent a shiver quite the same

And yet, I quite forget his name

Such is life………


Daily Prompt: Cheat

via Daily Prompt: CheatTo ‘act in a dishonest way to gain advantage or profit’There are many  ways people cheat. I came upon one myself today that left me feeling ripped off..

I have been watching an online  site which operates ‘unreserved’ auctions of just about anything, in this case I was looking for a station wagon (car) and found one that I thought I could possibly afford to buy. I placed my bid above the current offer only to be told that someone already had a reserve bid on the same vehicle, but I wasn’t allowed to know how much it was. In  my book this is cheating, since this person doesn’t have to be upfront in the amount he is willing to pay to win the bid.