The Quest

I searched for you,


No newspaper ads

or missing persons

jusr word of mouth

It was a need

in me

to be forgiven



old wounds.

And then,

I found you


the Obituaries.

A Short Story

Joel stared out through the kitchen window at the garden below “If I committed suicide for the cause, nobody would even notice, would they?”

“Not any more,” Jen looked up from the book she was reading,”they’ve run out of coffins at the funeral directors, and they’re using plastic bags. The bodies are banked up at the cemetery, there’s nobody to dig the graves,” her voice flat, emotionless.

“There’s a rally at the Town Hall at eleven for those who have recovered from the virus,”   wiping the window with his sleeve, Joel continued to stare at the ruins of what had been their sustainable vegetable patch. now crushed and broken from the looting of weeks past

“Are you going?


“What’s the plan?

“We’re hitting the homes of the hoarders,” Joel turned to look at her, his face was grim

“There’ll be bloodshed!” it was  a given, she sounded tired.

“We have to do it, people are dying in the streets from starvation while there are sheds and garages stacked to the ceilings with cans and bags of food!”

“The cops will be there?”

“Yes, they’ll be on our side this time”.

“I’ll come with you.”





Over the Kitchen Sink.

Once upon a time, housewives chatted over the garden fence while hanging out the washing. Mondays were a popular day to wash the clothes, and catch up with the local gossip.

How things have changed! Many of us live in units or apartments with clothes dryers, and the buildings are too close together to accommodate clothes lines, instead there are car parks in available spaces.

Even in the new building estates, the houses are so close together there is no room for access to the back yard, except through the garage, and a postage stamp back garden. No chickens, no vegie garden, and no time to look after them as both parents work to pay the bills.

I’m a big fan or self-sufficiency, Of course to be truly self-sufficient, you need a bit of land, but there isn’t a lot of that available close to cities, and cities are where most of the work is.

However there are things you can do, ways to save money, live a healthier life-style., and cut down on waste. From here on in my posts will contain,healthy hints,natural and eco-friendly ideas that can make a real difference to your life.

Some time back, my husband bought home some books from the local Salvation Army shop, that were all about health and lifestyle. They are reputable publishers like Readers Digest, Time Life and Bookman Press.

One standout for me is a book from Griffin Paperbacks, in Molly Dye’s “Survival Manual” The following are excerpts from the introductory page of the book which is available on line.


{Molly Dye was a legend in Australian journalism. She was one of the first female reporters and became the country’s first female news editor. Her career began when she joined The Daily Telegraph in 1937 as a general reporter. She was tall, red haired and had just turned 21. She became well-known as the editor of the children’s section, Charlie Chuckles, in The Sunday Telegrapg, and later as the housewife’s friend when she launched a new service page, For Her, in 1954—a page she edited for 30 years. It was a pot-pourri of household hints, craft ideas and recipes, as well as an SOS service for readers with all kinds of problems. After her death in 1984, as a tribute, the page’s name was changed to Molly Dye.}

First up, is a recipe that is close to home for me. We always seem to have stale bread! Although we feed some to the wild birds and possums, that can become quite expensive, so if you would like to give it a try, let me know what you think.

Bread Cake. 375g stale bread crumbs, 90g melted margarine, 60g brown sugar, 1pkt mixed fruit, 2 teaspoons mixed spice, 1 tablespoon golden syrup.(or honey)

Grease and foil line a baking tin. Place bread in a bowl and sprinkle well with cold water, beat well with a fork until smooth. Add dry ingredients, mixing well. Add margarine, then syrup and press into tin. Sprinkle with brown sugar and top with cinnamon. Bake in a medium oven for about 1 hour.

My next post will be about taking care of yourself. Cheers.





No Wonder…..

so many people in the US choose not to vote in Federal Elections.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on the subject and as an outsider, I find it not just confusing, but mind numbing.. I thought our two party system was bad enough, but we know right from the getgo that either Labor or Liberal will win no matter who we vote for.

You see, Bill Brown might stand for the ‘garden party’,(example) but we know he won’t get enough votes for a seat, so the votes he accumulated won’t be just thrown away, he will gift them to labor or liberal as he chooses.

That is a simple way of explaining it, and if you aren’t aware of where the preferences are going, you may end up voting for the party you didn’t want.

This would be a good reason not to vote for anyone, since you probably won’t get what you want anyway. But no. If you don’t vote in Australia, you will be fined $50.

If you don’t read the newspapers, or watch ABC television, you won’t get an awful lot of information coming up to elections. In the US you seem to know all about the personal lives of the politicians, whereas in Australia, we only hear what mischief they get up to, when the press get wind of misbehavior.

I’ll keep up with the goss, so far, from here, it looks like anyones game.

Matters of Fact.

Since one of my comments on abortion was challenged, I took to reading a few articles on the subject, mostly from Wikipedia, so if anyone takes issue with what is written, it can be checked.

Unsafe abortions was, and is, a public health crises, mostly occurring where abortion is illegal.

The more restrictive the law, the higher the rates of death and other complications.

The World Health Organisation estimated that for the time period of 2010-2014 there were 55.7 million abortions worldwide each year.

According to WHO and Guttmacher Institute, at least 22,800 women die annually as a result of complications of unsafe abortion.

In the 1960s the National Opinion Research Center found that hundreds of women self-aborted with coathangers, knitting needles and ballpoint pens, and by swallowing toxic chemicals like bleach and laundry detergent.

Fetus:- Wikipedia (abstract)

In human prenatal development begins from the 9th week after fertilisation and continues until birth. Prenatal development is a continuum with no defining feature destinguishing an embryo from a fetus. However, a fetus is characterised by the presence of all the major body organs, though they will not be fully developed and functional, and some not yet situated in their final anatomical location.

WORLD RELIGIONS ON ABORTION:- (wikipedia/abstract)

The Dalai Lama has said that abortion is “negative”, but there are exceptions. He said “I think abortion should be approved or disapproved according to each circumstance”

Theravada and Vajrayana:- abortion laws in many buddist countries recognise a threat to the health of the mother as an acceptable justification for abortion as a practical measure, though it still may be seen as a deed with negative moral or karmic consequences.

The Christian Religion:- Is very devided on the subject. It is better to read the whole section on the subject.

Hinduism:- Banned with exceptions. Some support if the mother’s life is at imminent risk or when the fetus has a life threatening developmental anomaly. Some Hindu and Brahma Kumaris believe personhood begins at 3 months. Any abortion past the third month is destruction of the soul’s current incarnate body.

Islam:- Termination of a pregnancy after 120 days is not permissable. Several Islamic thinkers content that in cases prior to 4 months of gestation, abortion should be permissable only in instances in which the mother;s life is in danger or in cases of rape.

Judaism:- conflicting rules and beliefs, better to read if it applies to your own circumstances,

Sikhism:- Make personal decisions when confronted with a clearly abnormal fetus. Neutral on abortion.


read:- The Recovery Village .com. (different drugs have different reactions)

Meth Babies on the Rise:- Long-term affects of moms on Meth During Pregnancy.

An Introduction to The Buy Nothing Project

I would love to join the Buy Nothing Project, but why can I only do so by joining a social media website?

This practice of holding a person to ransom by asking for particular details, is unnecessary, and time consuming. It is done for the sole purpose of grabbing personal information to use down the line in unwanted emails or farm off to other sites.

Fresh Bait….

Maybe, but it’s the same old line.

Email alert! there’s a flash sale, and if I make haste to the checkout and confirm payment, quoting the code number, I will then (and only then) be given the discount price,

I already know from bitter experience, that the discount price will still be out of reach.

Back to Basics.

I haven’t been slacking off, just trying to set up a website and upgrade my wordpress account.

I’m sorry to say that I feel emotionally drained and poverty stricken, since there is no avenue that doesn’t have dollar signs at the end of it.

Computer language is another problem I have, which I will never be able to stay abreast of, since it seems to expand daily. So many abbreviations I’m starting to think there will be no whole words left, and passwords. who remembers passwords without writing them down.

We have been led to believe that computers will save us time and money. In my case, if my time was money, I would be very handsomely paid, since I have spent literally hours over the last few days, trying to find a webhosting plan that I could pay by the month, since this is the only way I will ever get one.

Why is it that so many website builders and/orhosts lead you down the garden path telling you it will be roses all the way, when they could tell you the nitty gritty right from the getgo, and you would know, without further ado, that the price was too high?

There’s no reason why we couldn’t have an automated monthly payment made from a bank to a website company. And why 3 years in advance? That certainly keeps out the small player. Or is that the plan?

A Short Exchange.

He walks towards her, arms outstretched

She steps in, a perfect fit, her shoulders under his armpits

“Luv ya” he says

“Luv ya too” she answers

“How much? he asks

“Depends” she says

“On what?”

“On the whether”

“Whether or not?”

“Yeah” she laughs