Daily Prompt: Expert

via Daily Prompt: ExpertAn expert is exactly what I am not, in fact I’m an expert in not being an expert at anything. The saying “Jill of all trades and master of none” fits me to a tee. About the only thing I’ve ever been any good at, is picking the absolutely wrong man to hook myself up to! I’ve tried more different pursuits in my lifetime with only moderate success than I have room to list here without putting everyone to sleep.


getting creative

Today is a bad day for blogging, the site keeps drifting in and out like a fiddlers elbow. In my part of the world the is no broadband, only satellite, which I can’t afford, and dial-up. Dial-up is a huge time waster and frustrating as nettle-rash.

I decided to get creative today and play with some polymer clay. My husband had returned some clay I loaned him for a war modelling landscape he was making. It’s a different make to the one I use now, and I forgot to re-read the instructions for baking. I use an automatic pizza oven to cook my polymer clay. Well it was set too high and for too long and I returned to find the room full of acrid smoke and very charcoaled beads that I had made.

On that note, I went into the garden and dug up some potatoes instead.


hello from aus

It’s summertime here in the central tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, and it’s 35c in the shade on our back veranda. It’s a full time job keeping the animals cool. We have 10 beautiful ferrets, hand raised and very friendly. They feel the heat and can ┬ásuffer from stress very quickly in high temperature. We cover their outdoor cages with rugs which we keep damping down during the day., and if we feel the need, we bring them into their indoor cages which are in our laundry, and cover their cages with wet towels. I then give each cage an esky ice -block or bottle of frozen water, and they will rest their heads on these or lie next to them to keep cool.


We also have a dog called Wombat, and some silky chickens. Wombat lives indoors and pretty much controls my husband and I. He owns the couch and frowns heavily on anyone who tries to share it.


Today is a big day for me, my ebook Poems from the Heart is being launched by Kindle Direct Publishing. It is a selection of poetry written by me over thirty odd years or so and it is in many respects a personal journey. I’m sure that anyone who has ever been in love, or has loved and lost, will be able to identify with the sentiments expressed within those pages.

I’m a newcomer to WordPress, and at present on the ‘free’ list, as I want to see if blogging is really for me or not. If I feel comfortable with the process I will update to prime at a later date. I’m really looking forward to the return of ‘The Daily Post’ Community Pool.

getting into step

Whoa! Now I'm getting the gist of what these blogs are all about. Heaps of posts aimed way above my head, maybe that's the point, it is 'way over my head'. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but why do intellectuals  only speak to their own kind? There are few of us uneducated bums with something to say. I'm a poet and short story writer. The words I write come straight from the gut.(mostly mine). Painful experiences that even today, some twenty or thirty years later, bring tears to my eyes remembering. I have self-published my work 'Poems from the Heart' on Kindle ebook to be released 30th December, at present it is in preview mode. Take a look and you'll see what I mean.